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  • In March 2023, The customers came to visit Shandong Sanao Refrigeration

    In March 2023, The customers came to visit Shandong Sanao Refrigeration

    On March 7-8th, 2023, the customers from a company in Qingdao came to our company for a site visit. High-quality products and services, strong company qualifications and reputation, and good industry development prospects were the important reasons that attracted the cus...
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  • Commercial refrigerator — Use common sense articles

    Common sense of commercial refrigerator: 1. The cold cabinet needs to be used for the first time and needs to be settled by 30 minutes. Regardless of whether it is home or commercial cold cabinet, after the cold cabinet is purchased and handled, the cold cabinet cabinet needs to stay for more th...
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  • What problems should we pay attention to when installing external compressor unit?

    What problems should we pay attention to when installing external compressor unit?

    1.The refrigerator must be in a place with good lighting for operation and maintenance. 2.The ambient temperature of the refrigerator must be lower than 40℃, because the higher the ambient temperature is, the less air output of the compressor will be. 3.Freezer reserved ...
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  • What false faults are caused by improper maintenance of store fresh-keeping cabinets

        As a user, the store needs to take good care and pay attention to maintenance when using the fresh-keeping cabinet. There are many internal parts of the vertical freezer, such as: compressors, evaporators, condensers, throttles and other components, and some small parts also play a vital rol...
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  • Shandong Sanao Multideck Air Curtain Cabinet Series Products

    For Multideck Air Curtain Cabinet Series Products, we have pushed many designs. Today, I would like to show several hot-selling designs for you.   1. Standard Air Curtain Cabinet * Color: White, Green, Orange, Black, Grey, etc * Voltage: 220V/60 HZ, 220V/50HZ, 110V/60HZ, 110V/50HZ * Size: 1875/25...
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  • Shipment Details of Commercial Supermarket Refrigerators

    Shandong Sanao Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.—We have many goods sending to foreign country every month. Today, I just like to introduce some details about our shipment. 1.Before Shipment   Before delivery, we will pack all the goods – fumigation-free wooden pallet packaging, which...
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  • Demand for Commercial Freezers Continues to Increase

    Three years after the epidemic, the demand continues to be strong, and the production of refrigerators and freezers is not difficult to make in China In the past two years of the epidemic, continuous demand has kept refrigerators and freezers from growing in production and sales.  According to s...
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  • Shandong Sanao New Products 2022

    September, we push out some new kind products, i would like to introduce the details for you. 1. Double sides Air Curtain Cabinet (1) Large-capacity, increase storage space, large open display area, clear and intuitive display; (2) International branded compressor, quality assurance. (3) LED ligh...
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  • Summary of characteristics of air curtain cabinet

    The refrigeration principle of the air curtain cabinet is to use the cold air to blow out from the back, so that the cold air evenly covers every corner of the air curtain cabinet, so that all the food can achieve a balanced and perfect preservation effect. Air curtain cabinets are widely used i...
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  • How to save electricity when using refrigerated display cabinets and freezers?

    1. Minimize the opening times and time of refrigerated display cabinets and freezers. Hot food should be allowed to cool naturally to room temperature before placing in refrigerated display cases and freezers. Foods with a lot of moisture should be washed and drained, then wrapped in plastic b...
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  • Refrigerated display cabinets, how to maintain in the summer?

    Refrigeration display cabinet, refrigerator, kitchen coolers, kitchen freezer, SANAO Refrigeration to teach you the use of methods and how to maintain? 1、If the storage items are not much, you can in the refrigerated display cabinet, refrigerator, kitchen freezer, kitchen freezer, use the follow...
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  • Hot Selling Products Introduction—Combination Island Freezers

    Combination Island Freezers Type Show 01 Standard Island Freezer 02 Lingyao Model Island Freezer 03 Leading Model Island Freezer 04 Model Island Freezer E5 Model Island Freezer E6 Model Island Freezer Product Usage The operating temperature is -15~-18℃. It is used to display and sell ref...
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